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Jake Garfield - The Real Thing poster PRINT small

Jake Garfield combines various printmaking methods to produce works that are physically and conceptually multi-layered.


Photo etching, drypoint, lithography and woodblock techniques are deployed in original and surprising ways, often building up across multiple colour plates to create the feeling of a full-colour image. The use of crimson, cyan and yellow inks takes inspiration from commercial printing processes but produces a fine art object, one that celebrates its 'flaws' and the touch of it’s maker’s hand. Similarly, many of the works derive from photographic or filmic sources and have an immediate iconic impact, yet upon closer inspection, reveal naturally drawn lines, hatching and small jotted notations.




Jake’s work has long been fascinated by reflections, or rather, depictions of people confronting their own reflections. We have all felt the jolting discomfort of seeing ourselves in a photograph, and are often surprised by the strange ‘other’ version of ourself, one that seems somehow unfamiliar. We only usually see our mirror-self, a posed and limited viewpoint. Yet other people also see a different version of who we are, inflected by their feelings and prejudices. Where does the ‘real’ person reside?




Jake studied for his BA at Brighton, on the post-graduate programme at The Royal Drawing School and recently completed an MA in printmaking at the RCA.